The Day the Earth Stood Still


Dir. Robert Wise | USA | 1951 | 92mins | (PG) | b/w
Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe, Sam Jaffe, Billy Gray and Lock Martin as Gort





 When a dignified and benevolent alien named Klaatu lands his flying saucer in Washington to present a message to all the peoples of the planet Earth, Mankind’s reaction is one of fear, and he is shot. But his giant robot companion, Gort, responds with the kind of force Earth has only dreamed of – melting tanks with a death ray. As Klaatu recovers in a suburban home he warns Earth that it should cease its production of atomic weapons otherwise Gort will destroy the planet. An intelligent and prescient thriller, The Day the Earth Stood Still was a timely allegorical warning as the Cold War escalated and America sought a defence against ‘the Red Menace’. Sixty years on its power and style remains undiminished, while the performances of Neal, Jaffe and Rennie (in his career highlight) are excellent.




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