Fantasticozzi (Adv 12A) – Preview


Dir. Felipe M. Guerra| 2016 | 72min | Brazil | (Adv 12A)
Luigi Cozzi, Caroline Munro, Sybil Danning





Italian filmmaker Luigi Cozzi was a science fiction and horror fan who broke into the film industry as an assistant to Dario Argento before going on to make his own low budget films including cult classics like the Alien inspired horror Contamination, and the David Hasselhoff starring Star Wars “influenced” epic Starcrash. He is also the man who had Lou Ferrigno punch a bear into outer space in his adaptation of Hercules for the legendary trash-maestros Cannon Films. This documentary charts the extremely likeable Cozzi’s ups and downs in the film industry with a great deal of wit and charm.


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