Norman J. Warren & David McGillivray in Conversation


We are delighted to welcome Norman J. Warren and David McGillivray to Fantastiq for an on-stage discussion of their lives and careers in horror. Norman J. Warren began his career in British cinema as the director of low budget sexploitation films in the late 1960s before quickly moving on to carve out a niche for himself in the horror genre with films like Prey, Terror and Insemnoid. David McGillivray was also prolific during this time working as a screenwriter on titles including House Of Whipcord, House Of Mortal Sin and Schizo and the two men worked together on the well regarded titles Satan’s Slave and Terror. Their work during this period was notable for departing from the established Hammer & Amicus template by being set in contemporary society, featuring younger lead characters and upping the sex and violence quotient.



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