Satan’s Slave (18) 35mm + Introduction


Dir. Norman J. Warren | 1976 | 83mins | UK | (18)
Michael Gough, Martin Potter, Candace Glendenning





Tragedy strikes young Catherine Yorke (Candace Glendinning) when a car accident leaves her orphaned. Taken in by her wealthy uncle, Alexander (Michael Gough), Catherine finds herself becoming accustomed her new luxurious surroundings and develops a friendship with her cousin Stephen (Martin Potter). But the unsettling hallucinations she suffers from suggest all is not what it seems. Is her uncle the benign figure he presents himself as or is she a pawn in a diabolical plan? This tense chiller combines the talent of two Fantastiq guests, director Norman J. Warren and screenwriter David McGillivray.

This screening will be from a 35mm print in Norman J. Warren’s personal collection and introduced by Norman J. Warren and David McGillivray.


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