Fantastiq Shorts (15)



A collection of the best short science fiction, horror and fantasy shorts submitted to this year’s festival including spectacular space journeys, some slasher inspired nastiness and futuristic intrigue.


They Will All Die In Space – 15m Spain. Dir: Javier Chillon.

Cain’s Shadow – 29m Italy. Dir: Antonio De Palo.

Journey – 8m Australia. Dir: Radheya Jegetheva.

Sandman – 6m UK. Dir: Liam Banks.

The Sitter – 7m UK. Dir: Edward Harvey.

Deathrope – Ghosts On The Wall – 4m Switzerland. Dir: Tim Bürge.

Virtual Darkness – 8m UK. Dir: Natalia Aranda.

Neon – 15m UK. Dir: Mark J. Blackman.


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