Trouser Bar & Worst Fears (18) Introduced by David McGillivray


Dir. Kristen Bjorn | 2016 | 20 mins | UK | (18)
Denholm Spurr, Ashley Ryder, Zac Renfree





A film quite unlike almost any other in UK cinema history. Based on a script written in the 1970s by an prominent unnamed gentleman which was intended to be directed by the adult filmmaker Peter de Rome but never actually went before cameras. The script made its way to Fantastiq guest David McGillivray who produced it in 2016 with a cast featuring Nigel Havers, Julian Clary and Barry Cryer as three men who see some unexpectedly erotic sights when looking through the window of the shop of the title.


Dir. Keith Clayton | 2016 | 97mins | UK | (18)
Jill Freud, Alister Cameron, Flaminia Cinque





The greater part of our fears lies below the surface of awareness, embedded in the terrors of our unconscious. It’s easy to turn away from the part we can see, like a child pretending it’s not there. But if we start pulling the threads and disturb where our fears have taken root, we risk dragging our worst nightmares into the light… Worst Fears is a compendium of seven nightmarish tales produced by legendary British horror writer and Fantastiq guest David McGillivray.

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